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Passionate About Protecting Workers’ Rights

As a worker, you have certain rights that your employer should never violate. This includes discriminating against you based on your race, gender, disability or other protected category.

At Betz + Blevins, our litigators are prepared to advocate for your rights in court. We feel passionately about protecting employees in the Indianapolis metro area and elsewhere throughout Indiana. Our team does not shy away from complex cases involving litigation if it means helping our clients stand up to unjust employers.

What Are The Protected Categories?

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission – the agency that enforces workplace rights – identifies six categories of workers protected from discrimination by federal law. It is illegal for your employer to discriminate against you because you belong to one of these groups. The categories include:

  • Race
  • Gender, including pregnancy and sexual orientation
  • Age
  • Disability
  • Religion
  • National origin

Discrimination can take many forms. For instance, colleagues making rude jokes about the protected group to which you belong, a company refusing to promote you or a supervisor wrongfully terminating you.

Enforcing Your Rights Under Section 1983

If a local or state official disregards your civil rights, you have the option of filing a lawsuit under The Civil Rights Act of 1871, or 42 U.S.C. §1983. This statute grants you the right to sue governmental entities for violating your civil rights. Because it is very difficult to overcome the qualified immunity doctrine, which is one of the most common defenses in these cases, it is crucial that you have attorneys with experience handling these cases. We have filed Section 1983 lawsuits on behalf of our clients whose rights have been trampled by the police, public educational institutions, prisons and other governmental entities.

Other Rights We Can Help You Protect

Our team can also assist with other litigation involving non-competition agreements, employment agreements, defamation as well as hearings before administrative bodies, like school boards and licensing boards. See our other pages for information about these matters.

Protect Your Rights With The Help Of Our Passionate Team

You do not deserve to suffer discrimination in the workplace. Reach out to our employment law attorneys for counsel regarding your options and your rights. To set up a consultation, please call 317-687-2222 or send us an email.