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Protecting Your License And Your Reputation

If your career requires a professional license and you face a complaint or a disciplinary issue, your livelihood is at stake. You will likely have only one chance to defend yourself and set this controversy right. You would benefit greatly from the counsel of attorneys who have experience handling professional licensing issues.

Our attorneys at Betz + Blevins protect clients throughout the Indianapolis area who face disciplinary proceedings or other administrative issues regarding their professional licenses. We care deeply about advocating for you and helping you protect your hard-earned career. To us, it is about more than just your license – it is about your reputation, your integrity and your future.

What To Know About Licensing Issues In Indiana

The Indiana Professional Licensing Agency (PLA) is the organization that oversees the licensing for a variety of professions in the state of Indiana. Licensed professions also have their own, smaller individual commissions, agencies, boards or committees. The Office of the Indiana Attorney General works in conjunction with the PLA and individual licensing entities when it comes to disciplinary complaints of a serious nature.

Defense For A Broad Range Of Professionals

Licensure defense requires in-depth knowledge of the many administrative regulations unique to each industry. Many law firms handle license defense for only a narrow range of industries. We are a rare firm whose team understands the disciplinary proceedings of the boards, committees and commissions of a variety of professional fields. Having handled many license defense matters, we know what the steps are and how to guide you through them.

Work With Us To Protect Your Future

The PLA or the board of your profession will not hesitate to investigate a complaint against you or initiate disciplinary measures. You should respond as quickly as you can when you believe that your license is in trouble. Reach out to us at 317-687-2222 or send us an email to set up a consultation with an experienced employment law attorney.