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Thought Leadership Series

Employment Law Recent events prompt changes in employment law In our Thought Leadership Q&A, attorney Sandra Blevins of the litigation and employment law firm Betz + Blevins provides answers for some of the most-asked questions about forced arbitration and newly...

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Anatomy of a Lawsuit

A typical lawsuit proceeds through five basic phases: Pleadings Discovery Summary Judgment Trial Appeal Each case is unique, though.  These are just the five basic phases. 1. Pleadings At the pleadings phase, a complaint containing all the plaintiff’s claims is filed...

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On this Martin Luther King Day

On this Martin Luther King Day, Indiana again takes its unfortunate place as a bystander when it comes to honoring his legacy. Our state is known more for the legacy of laws tainted by the KKK when it ruled Indiana in the 1920s than it is known for the progressive...

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